If I died, would you even know?
Just one little bullet, one single blow.

What am I to you, except a pain.
If I were dead, you would probably gain.

Am I the only one who feels this way?
Should I go on to see another day?

I'm confused, my life's a mess.
With death, comes no stress.

Would anyone even cry?
I bet all eyes would stay dry.

Sometimes I wish I could end it-
If death was meant for me...
I wish God would send it.

You look but cannot see me,
You listen but cannot hear,
You reach but cannot touch me,
You wish but I canít appear.

I dream but cannot love you,
I desire but cannot hold,
I pray but cannot feel you,
I weep but you canít console.

We love yet cannot kiss,
We desire yet cannot thrill,
We long for eternal bliss,
We dream... yet we canít fulfill.

We are... yet we are not,
We are one- though still as two,
We are the loves that we forgot,
You are me... and I am you.

We provide our souls with comfort,
We cherish the words from each,
We desire and also covet,
We love amidst our speech.

We are alive... yet still oblivion,
We are lost but searching still,
We are fabrics never woven,
We are the one; that within can thrill.
Destiny assures that love will come our way,
Destiny will grant us our lips to gently meet,
Destiny will give us that gentle light of day,
For you and I are destiny? and our destinyís complete.

Withered bunch of flowers
Are protruding from a vase
Constantly reminding of
Bitter love that caused the scars

Once a bunch, so bright and fresh
So pleasant was its scent
Drooping now... so sadly
All the romance is spent

Wilted dreams of happiness
More petals start to fall
Leaving barren thorny stems
No love remains at all

Flowers, so symbolic
Of the true love we once found
Crushed and broken, slowly die
Upon the stony ground

You sit there crying inside...
But we can't see you.
You wait for us to hear your screams of despair,
But it's just not loud enough.

We couldn't see the signs till you were gone...
Now that we have lost you
every look, touch, or memory of you haunts us.
I see the cries for help.
I hear the screams of agony.
Why couldn't I before?

You are gone now,
maybe happier than before.
Suicide kills a piece of all of us...
everything takes a toll.

I feel so out of place;
I don't know what to do.
I thought I'd be alright,
But my thoughts are still of you.

I don't want to eat;
I don't want to sleep,
But my memories of you
I'll always keep.

You were my lover
And my best friend,
But suicide is where
This all has to end.

Suicide... they call it sin
They say it is a death in which no-one wins...

They encourage you not to do it, they say it is wrong...
But who is there to encourage you when you can't be strong.

You feel like you have no-one, not even a friend.
No shoulder to cry on, just one last letter to send.

just lost my closest friend,
Life couldn't get much worse,
it's time to put it to an end,

All my life I had no one,
you were the only friend I had,
I know you were only using me,
that thought just makes me mad,

I thought you were there for me,
never to go,
I thought you were a true friend,
I didn't really know.

My life was so much better,
I was never sad or upset,
And that was all down to you,
from that Tuesday when we met.

We've had our share of bad times
but they always came out good,
You said we'd be friends forever,
I really thought we would.

Now that you have gone,
and I'm sitting here depressed,
Feelings whirling around in my head,
no order, just so messed.

But now its time to end it,
get rid of all this strife,
For this I cannot handle,
I have to take my life.