Rachael Sortore
age: 16
love: ...
looks: 5'4, dark brown eyes, long dark brown hair, strangely pointed ears..though she isnt an elf, slim waist, long slender legs
wears: think gothic people...
weapons: a bell bandolier that goes across her chest, it holds seven bells..ask bout them..she might tell u...a sword with a green jewel in the hilt that hangs at her waist...
story: at her old skool she was always teased by the kids, she would go to school to find her most intimate poems copied and pasted all over the school walls..she dated cody, and had fallen in love with him...but...he died...but..somehow he's back...is confused...yet happier...
status: confused...
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age: 17
looks:tall, muscular, slightly tan, light brown hair, blue-green eyes
fiance: Alexis (0darkess0falls0)
crush: um...yea
story: i was rachael's first love, but now i am engaged to my girlfriend alexis whom i love with all my heart...
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age: looks 20
blood: Angel
story:I am the daughter of a goddess and a Fallen Angel. I met Rachael when she was mourning for Shane. We became friends, then Shane came back. Now all three of us are friends, and I am tryin to help them sort out their feelings. It is confusing and hard...oh well.
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looks: 5'6, blue hair, ice blue almost white eyes(usually brown), muscualr, tan
gf: single...and didn't know it...
powers: he controls the elements fire and ice
weapons: any he can get a hold of and his powers
short story: ok..when he was younger he and his sister were abandoned. His sister helped to raise him and ignored the fact that his powers make him a freak. Then when he was about 7 a group of demons with multiple kinds of wings...like all kinds...attacked his sister and killed her. He has hated all people with wings out of their backs. He is uncomfortable around Nhilca even. Now his girlfriend, Jess, has wings....(talks in this color)


age: looks 18 but really...751
looks: dark brown that constantly falls into his eyes, which are phosphorescent blue, very muscular, tan, 6'1
powers: he can disolve into shadows, read minds, trap you in his memories
weapons: himself
story: at the young and tender age of 8 the Atrox (a ancient and powerful evil that was set on the world to destroy hope when pandora opened the box) took him. 745 years later he fell in love with Serena, a Daughter of the Moon. When her 17th birthday came, she lost all of her memories and changed her name. Her name is Rachael. He is now in love with her once again but knows she will never feel the same. Therefore he watches over her every once and a while trying to turn her like him. he has failed so far...
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age: 16
looks:5'4, dark brown hair that hangs to her waist, which is slim, dark brown eyes, long slender legs
weapons: carries a bow made out of yew and a never ending supply of arrows with red feathers
bf: nope
crush: why would i tell you?
story: she doesn't remember a lot about her past, what she does remember terrifies her. she is slow to trust but quick to love which makes her very vunerable. rachael protects her as much as possible, which isn't a lot as she isn't around much. keelin can be sweet, but also sarcastic. she doesn't believe in mudbloods being at hogwarts, very against it. if she learns to trust you, ask her about her past. she just might tell.
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age: 16
looks: 5'5, black hair that hangs to her hips, dark brown eyes, long slender legs, slightly pointed ears being half elf
weapons: her fangs and any weapon she wants
bf: no...
crush: not yet..if i did...i wouldn't tell you
story: being made a vampire on her birthday she will forever be 16 and she hates it. she doesn't know anyone and she is afraid of meeting people who will judge her because her name means 'dark one'. she resents it terribly and was teased about it before she became a vampire making her like her name. being a cousin of rachael she tends to hang out around her. she can also be found hanging out around keelin too though. she hates her past with a passion and only tells good friends about it...she doesn't have any...yet
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