name: rachael
blood:half witch, half snake
age: 17 (4evr)V dude i look awesome! i hav long black-green hair. my eyes r blood red and r shaped like a snake's. my body is covered in scales:green, yellow, silver, & black. i also hav thin sheets of skin conecting my fingers and toes. oh im am related 2 Lord Voldemort(guess how)
boyfriend: looking
animagus: well u can already guess...a snake[devil] also a cougar and a wolf..cougar usually
Parseltongue: DUH
story: i wa born like this.. i used 2 belong 2 a travelin freak show call Cirque Du i travel alon. my blood is poisonous 2 all not drink of it..u will go insane and might die. i hav no real friends. all hate me or r disgusted. my fangs r full of venom. the venom can either kill u or it can make u live 4evr as a 17 year old..i decide. who knows what i will decide 4 u