Davan Caoimhe Reynard

And sometimes I forgive
Yeah this time I'll admit

17 years of cold hate
Has forgotten how to smile
Is angry about her fate
Has to be alone mile for mile
Doesn't know the meaning of love

When she was 13, Davan's dad left her family. Her mother waisted away from a broken heart and is now addicted to several drugs including Ecstasy and marjuana. She also is known to drink three or four bottles of Vodka, leaving her daughter to clean up after her.

Her two older brothers, the twins Aaron and Adrian, moved to the States in search of their drunkard father. She sometimes gets letters from Aaron, and pictures from Adrian. Together, it feels as if she's there with them even though she's really not. When she graduates from Hogwarts, she plans to fly over and join them.

Davan has long, raven black hair with blood red ends. The only make-up she wears is black eyeliner and sometimes black or navy nail polish. Her outfits change regularily, but the colours are always the same: blacks, blues, reds, and sometimes dark greens. If, for some reason, she wears short-sleeves the scars from her many razors, knives, scissors show intricate patterns, words, phrases, and pictures. She never goes anywhere without her sketchbook, which she uses to write down songs, poems, and to draw pictures of things that, while cheerful to the normal person's eyes, are full of death, hatred, and a sad bitterness in hers. Her dark brown eyes never light up with happiness and the only way her lips move upward is in a smirk or snarl of some sort.

That I miss you
Said I miss you