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Death. What is there to say? It is everywhere. We can't stop it even though some of us think we can. Others think they can't die, that they are immortal.

Death. When it happens to someone we know or love, we mourn. Some might try not to show it, but they eventually will.

Death. With it comes life. Death and life are partners. Babies are born at the same time someone else dies. Some babies die before they have a chance to live. Sometimes it isn't by accident.

Death. It is a gift to those who are ready for it. Those who have had a long, eventful life and are ready to rest. It is also a curse. Death comes to those who don't deserve it, the innocents. It is never fair. Death doesn't care who it chooses and snatches away from their loved ones.

Death. It has many names: abortion, murder, euthanasia, klling, accident, revenge, hate, sin, wars, suicide, and even just wars. People have many excuses for it. They say that the person who dies on purpose, might deserve it. No one deserves it. No matter what they do or did. Once they are gone there is no way to bring them back. None.

Death. Of all the ways, how do we know which one is right? Is it right at all? It doesn't matter. It is simply.....