Her Suicide
Playground school bell rings out again
You stand out in the rain
Has no one told you sheís not breathing?
Hasnít anyone told you her heartís not beating?

Rain and tears flow down your face
Your eyes close as you trace
Back to happy memories
Only you know what you see

Her eyes are glazing over
All you want is to hold her
But now itís too late
You just had to wait

The bullet had pierced her skin
Your nerves are stretched too thin
You fall to your knees
She will never again breathe

Now she is dead
And you dread
Telling everyone
Should you just run?

You owe her more than that
You stand from where you sat
Your eyes are cold and hard
To you, the surrounding world is dark

You turn to look at her
Your eyes soften
You wish there was a cure
To make life like it had been

You promise to return
Oh, how your heart burns
You turn and walk away
Wondering what to say

Her body lies in the empty playground
The rain continue to pour down
This is how she died
Her suicide