I love you
So much it hurts
I wish you like me too
But you donít and I feel burnt

Every time I talk to you
It gets worse
The way you want me to talk to
Is this some kind of curse?

When I tell you how I feel
You say you like me too
I say it isnít the same
Then you try to take the blame
But it isnít because of you
Itís just the way I feel

I will continue to like you
Maybe you will eventually like me too

Iím sorry I put you through this
You, I wish I wouldnít miss
Then I would stop talking
You could keep going
On with your life

Everything you have put me through
Youíd think Iíd hate you
Ah, yes, hate
If I could, I wouldnít wait
But I canít and please donít
Try to make me
See what I donít wanna see

Let me have a crush on you
Then maybe I can get through
My life
Without resorting to the knife

I hate having these feelings
Iíll never get to have you
But then again, I might like the ending
Maybe you will too

Hey, I might get through this
And you, I wonít have to miss

Maybe Iíll get to meet you
That would work too

Now I canít wait
Wait till I talk to you again
Again Iím happy
Happy as Iíll ever be
Being without the knife

Feelings can be good
In this case, I wish it would
Be the way I want it to be
Hey, it might, Iíll just wait and see