People tell me
Suicide isnít the way
To end this life
Using the knife
This is what they say

I ask them
Have you ever had to sit
And watch as they
Have it all the easy way
This is how I say it

If I was me
Then you would see
See I wouldnít be allowed alone
I would be locked away
Away in a safe room
Room as cold and empty as a tome

Sometimes Iím the one
To go and find the gun

If I could I would win
Then I wouldnít be in
This position
I would be done

Done with my life
Done with the strife
Through with the pain
Through with the torture
Over the guilt
Over being confused

This would be my cure
My cure for all this
I wouldnít be missed
Everyone would forget
Forget about me
This is how it would be

There is no reason to be here
Everyone would be happier

I would be in a better place
My funeral would be empty
This is only just a taste
Of how no one would miss me

If I die
No one would cry

People say
Suicide isnít the way

To them, this may be
But it is to me

To me, suicide is the way
The way to end this pain

They keep me in a locked cage
Knowing if I was free, how Iíd rage

Suicide is my way
I just might
Die today
Die tonight

No matter, Iíll die eventually
And that will be the end of me
Then you all will see
It is the way itís supposed to be

Until then
Iíll keep my faÁade
My faÁade up until the end
Then I will be free
Free to be, me

People tell me
Suicide is not the way
To end this life
Using the knife
This is what they say