Cody"Blusher, Balloon, CC, Lover-boy"Robert McCrea

On the Surface: On the surface, Cody Robert McCrea is a complete idiot. He acts like one constantly. He is very talented at confusing both himself and others. Only one other person has been able to confuse themself but not him. That person will remain unnoticed. Cody has brown hair (though it should be blonde according to someone), brown eyes, is between 5'5 and 5'6, and is 16. He is currently single.

In the Deep: Cody isn't a true idiot. He just has...problems. He is usually sweet, caring, and just about anything a girl would want. He doesn't flirt a lot, but he will. {note: this bit is smaller due to the fact not many people know about the deep part of him} To learn to him yourself.