The Guys

looks:short black hair, grey eyes
powers/weapons: manipulate thoughts and feelings, see into the future/any he can find
status: confused...she says she's single...and flirts...

Name-Jake(neon blue)
looks: (Xander's twin)
powers/weapons: anything...he can do anything.../any he can find

Name-Brennan(regular blue)
looks:shoulder-length black hair, green eyes
powers/weapons: shapeshifts into animals and people/ any he can get his hands on
g/f:ana!! you touch her, you die

looks: dark brown hair, ice blue eyes
powers/weapons: mystery/preferably a long-bow of mahoghany but will use anything he wants
status: taken...hillary!!!

Name-Tobias(mustard yellow)
looks: shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes
powers: none that he knows of/anything he wants
status: taken by phoenix