Sachiel Nyx

Sachiel is a pureblooded witch. Her long, raven coloured hair flows down her back to hang by her hips. Her eerie grey eyes seem to peer inside your soul. Her skin is healthily tanned and perfectly smooth. Her body, is scuplted to perfection as if an artist did it. She is sarcastic, arrogant, deceiving, rude, yet also very cunning. She is deffinately a Slytherin and wouldn't stand for anything else.

Sachiel's past is a nightmare. Her only friend was killed in an 'accident'. By a muggle. She hates all muggles and mudbloods because of it. Her dreams are haunted by a strange white wolf. Each time she draws close to it, she wakes up. It frustrates her beyond hell. If you gaze to long into her eyes, you will see the empty abis that is her soul. Her only reason for living? To keep the memory of her friend alive.