age: around 17....
crush: does it matter?
status: i dont kno!! im confused
sex: female
personality: kind..shy..lovin if u r nice 2 her
powers/curse: changes in2 a silver wolf..can c and speak w/ the dead...and some other things she doesnt kno..yet
Her hair was long and dark, almost black at her scalp and neck, shading toward silver and, finally, white at the tips. It never tangled.
Her eyes were truly beautiful, large, warm, and dark-until they caught the light. Then they flared into gold, as water does in the setting sun.

me as a wolf

age: 5
sex: girl (u freakin morons! im only 5)
family: mommy (regeane), daddy (jordan), brother (alexander..xander 4 short..i look nothin like him..thank god) i love my family..i do...