nickname: Winter
age: looks 17
sex: female
crush: yes...i hav
looks: long, dark hair. it is sometimes black or brown...mostly black. tall, big (.)(.), long slender legs, curved hips, sexy smile. dark brown eyes..sometimes ice blue blood: pure vampyr
story: me and my sister natalia were sired at the same time. same sire. we dont kno who he is...but i hav a pic of tryin 2 find him
weapons: other than my fangs? 2 daggers
tattoos: i hav a blood red rose on my thigh and a stake w/ and S around it on my lower back
wears: hmm..look (its in the 1st pic)
me..temptin some poor mortal (its what i usually wear)
me and my sis natalia im the one in back